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Royal Rajasthan

Set off on a regal culinary journey in March as the chefs present a repertoire of delicacies once prepared in royal kitchens of Rajasthan

Rajasthan cuisine evolved from the martial lifestyle of Rajasthan’s warrior kings, the meat brought back from their hunts, the produce of the arid regions, the lack of fresh vegetables and scarcity of water. In times gone by, food that could last for days and be partaken without heating was prepared. All these factors resulted in Rajasthani cuisine having distinctive dishes and flavours. Please come over to enjoy a very special meal of traditional specialities including Rajasthani gatta curry, Dal bati churma, Kachere ke subzi and Lal maas

March 7 – 16 | All Days | A la Carte | 1930 – 2300 Hrs | INR 750 + Taxes Per Person Approximately

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +91-79-66661234


Amritsar ka Khana

Narmada presents a choice of Indian cuisine with live classical music enhancing the dining experience

In January, as Gujarat is infused with the joy of the New Year, the restaurant presents Amritsar ka Khana, a food festival featuring food from the Punjab with live ghazals sung by Ustad Salamat Khan.

Popularly known as The Land of Five Rivers, the Punjab is known for its golden wheat fields and milk production. Punjabi food-typically prepared with farm fresh produce- is redolent with earthy flavours. The chef has selected interesting appetizers and main course dishes that bring out different flavours and textures of Punjabi cuisine.

The menu features a choice of traditional delicious preparations and seafood delicacies. From Sarson da Saag, Lahori Paneer Tikka and Malai Dal to Kandhaaribharwan prawns, Ajwani Masaledar Machchi, Amritsari Tawa Macchi, Nawabimachhi di seekh, and Kapurthala Shahibadamikukkad Tikka....there is an extensive offering for the dining pleasure of our guests.

The flavourful Wadiyon Wale Chawal and a variety of freshly made rotis will complement the dishes. And a choice of indulgent desserts like Pinni, Khajoor da halwa, Chukandar halwa, Panjiri, Shahigajar da halwa and Karrah Paneeri will wrap up the meal!

January 17 – 26 | All days | A la Carte | 1930 – 2300 Hrs | INR 850 + Tax Per Person Approximately

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +91-79-66661234

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Flow Cafe

Sunday Brunch

Enjoy a most relaxed Sunday with your family and friends. The charming Flow Café presents an elaborate gourmet Sunday brunch featuring a choice of multi-cuisine gourmet preparations. A lovely way to unwind after a long week!

Every Sundays | INR 750 + Taxes Per person

Dinner Buffet

Enjoy the soothing sight of flowing water, a relaxed ambience and an extensive spread of multi-cuisine specialities! Flow Café presents unlimited gourmet selection on every evening for the dining pleasure of guests.

Every Evening | 725 + Taxes Per person

Valentine's Day Celebration

Flow Café, the refreshing contemporary coffee shop with a breathtaking view of the Tapti River and the ever vibrant lobby, serves a delightful multi-cuisine menu. The restaurant has a choice of seating for guests along with a celebration table and a community table.

Flow Café invites the young and young at heart to celebrate Valentine's Day. A lovely view, a choice of innovative mocktails and an elaborate buffet of exotic preparations blend to offer the memorable dining experience. Enjoy a very special evening with your beloved and take back the most cherished memories

February 14 | INR 1320 AI Per person | 1930 - 2330 Hrs

Regional Nights

Set off on a delightful culinary journey across India! The Regional Nights promotion features an elaborate dinner buffet spread of specialities from different regions from India. A delicious way of discovering India!

February 15 - 28 | INR 850 AI Per person


Maharashtrian food festival

Spice, the Indian speciality restaurant, invites diners to savour the culinary heritage of Maharashtra. Chef Sudev and his team present a choice of Maharashtrian delicacies from different parts of the state. The menu features specialities from Kolhapur, the Konkan coast, Solapur, Mumbai, Aurangabad and other regions in the state. Diners can look forward to lip-smacking delights from Kothimbir wadi, Taambda rassa, Puran poli, Tomato Saar, and much more! Live ghazals add to the ambience!

January 18 - 31 | INR 890 AI per person

Gujarati Thali

Enjoy lunch with a homemade touch as Spice presents Ghar Jaise Khane Ka Swad on weekdays! The food is specially prepared by Gujarati Chef Saroj Ben along with Chef Pralhad and Chef Maal Singh in a separate vegetarian kitchen with separate utensils. The aromas typical of kitchens of Gujarati homes waft through the kitchen of Spice and flavourful preparations arrive piping hot at your table for your dining pleasure!

Ongoing | INR 350+ Taxes | Monday - Saturday


Barbeque Delights

The early winter chill is a perfect time to enjoy the aroma of charcoal and succulent barbeques! Relax at the Terrace; enjoy its ambience and its offering of sumptuous live barbequed chicken, lamb, sea food and vegetarian delicacies. A perfect way to spend an evening with family and friends!

Ongoing | Thursday - Sunday | A la carte

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