The Gateway Hotel Ummed Ahmedabad


Flavours of Punjab

Narmada presents a choice of Indian cuisine with live classical music enhancing the dining experience

In April, the restaurant presents Flavours of Punjab, a festival featuring food from the Punjab with live ghazals sung by Ustad Salamat Khan.

Popularly known as The Land of Five Rivers, the Punjab is known for its golden wheat fields and milk production. Punjabi food-typically prepared with farm fresh produce- is redolent with earthy flavours. The chef has selected interesting appetizers and main course dishes that bring out different flavours and textures of Punjabi cuisine.

The menu features a choice of traditional delicious preparations and seafood delicacies. From Sarson da Saag, Paneer Nonihal and Malai Dal to Kandhaaribharwan prawns, Ajwani Masaledar Machchi, Amritsari Tawa Macchi, Nawabi machhi di seekh, Jheenga masale wale, Amritsari machli tari, Khaas Murgh and more . …there is an extensive offering for the dining pleasure of our guests.

The flavourful Wadiyon Wale Chawal and a variety of freshly made rotis will complement the dishes. And a choice of indulgent desserts like Pinni, Khajoor da halwa, Chukandar halwa, Panjiri, Shahigajar da halwa and Karrah Paneeri will wrap up the meal!

April 19 – 27 | All Days | A la Carte | 1930 – 2300 Hrs | INR 850/-+ tax Per Person (Appr-A-La-Carte menu)


Kids Delight

GAD, the 24-hours multi-cuisine coffee shop, serves Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisine. The restaurant serves an elaborate breakfast and dinner buffet, and an à la carte menu at lunch.

In May, GAD has a special promotion for kids as they are on holiday! The Kids Delight promotion features a superb special menu of foods children love. Bring your children and their friends over to enjoy delicious pizzas with a variety of toppings, pastas with a choice of tasty sauces, and juicy multi-layered burgers. A group of ten kids can enjoy a set menu at a competitive charge. Paper and sketch pens will keep the young artists busy till their order arrives. It is fun all the way!

May 12 – 24 | All Days | A la Carte | 1130 – 1830 Hrs | INR 250+ tax Per Person Appr (On A-La-Carte)


Biriyani Festival

Come over to savour a choice of aromatic and delicious biryanis! In June, Narmada presents an à la carte menu that will take diners on a delectable biryani trail across India! Besides the famed biryanis of Lucknow and Hyderabad, there will be a choice of biryanis including Kashmiri Wazwan biryani, Kolkata biryani, Mangalorean seafood clay pot biryani, Konkani biryani, Malabar biryani and more! A variety of main course preparations like Mirchi ka Salan and Baingan ka Salan will also be served. And wrapping up the meal with be the most delectable sweet dishes like Firni and Khubani ka meetha. Please come over for a very special dining experience.

Jun 21 – 29 | All Days | A la Carte | 1930 – 2330 Hrs | INR 650+ tax Per Person Appr (On A-La-Carte)

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +91-79-66661234

The Gateway Hotel Athwalines Surat


Sizzling Sizzlers

Flow Café, the refreshing contemporary coffee shop with a breathtaking view of the Tapti River and the ever vibrant lobby, serves a delightful multi-cuisine menu. The restaurant has a choice of seating for guests along with a celebration table and a community table.

In April, the café offers an array of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers at dinner. The sizzlers are prepared drawing from different cuisines.

April 11 – 20 | 1930 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte


Summer Coolers

Beat the heat as you sip on a refreshing cooler at Flow Café. A choice of delicious and healthy mocktails is prepared fresh at the mocktails bar. Filled with nourishment and bursting with the flavours of fresh fruits and juices they are the best drink on a summer day.

April 4 – 30 | 1230 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte

Sunday Brunch

Treat yourself to a most relaxed Sunday with your family and friends. The charming Flow Café presents an elaborate gourmet Sunday brunch featuring a choice of multi-cuisine gourmet preparations. A lovely way to unwind after a long week!

Every Sunday | INR 750 + Taxes Per person

Dinner Buffet

Enjoy the soothing sight of flowing water, a relaxed ambience and an extensive spread of multi-cuisine specialities! Flow Café presents unlimited gourmet selection on every evening for the dining pleasure of guests.

Every Evening | INR 725 + Taxes Per person


Mango Mania

Savour a choice of mango delights! The creativity of our chefs and the taste of the choicest mango are yours to enjoy this summer in a choice of delectable treats. Please come over to enjoy the pure taste and aroma of the King of Fruits!

May 1 – 30 | 1230 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte


Sundaes, Shakes and Chaat

T3 lounge serves a variety of exotic teas and single origin coffees, savories, and wellness beverages. It is a perfect spot to stop by for a relaxed bite and drink at any time for the day.

In May, the lounge offers a choice of innovative sundaes, refreshing shakes and zesty chaats. Please come over to enjoy these delicious treats.

May 9 -18 | 1230 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte

Soccer Mania

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on 12th June in Brazil and T3 is all set bring guests all the action! Watch the live telecast of the matches with over a drink and delicious light eats. The lounge presents a creative menu with a soccer theme to enhance the atmosphere of the championship and for the enjoyment of guests!

June 12 – 30 | 1230 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte


Kashmiri Food festival

Spice, the Indian specialty fine dining restaurant, offers a menu that comprises a selection of the very best of India including local delicacies.

In June, the restaurant hosts the Kashmiri Food Festival. Eulogized by poets, painters, travellers, traders, invaders and royals, Kashmir has long been regarded as an earthly paradise. And the cuisine of the state is renowned the elaborate spread of delicacies infused with delicate flavours.

The chefs present a Wazwan, that is a multi-course meal, the preparation of which is considered to be an intricate art. Among the specialities being served are Safeed kokur, Tabakh maaz, Marchhwangan korma, Ruwangan chhaman (cheese squares with Tomato gravy), Dum Aelva (potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy) and Adir yakin (lotus stem in a light yogurt-based gravy). A feast for the senses!

June 13 – 22 | 1730 – 2330 Hrs | Adults: INR 1250+ taxes | Kids: INR 850 + taxes

Gujarati Thali

Enjoy lunch with a homemade touch as Spice presents Ghar Jaise Khane Ka Swad on weekdays! The food is specially prepared by Gujarati Chef Saroj Ben along with Chef Pralhad and Chef Maal Singh in a separate vegetarian kitchen with separate utensils. The aromas typical of kitchens of Gujarati homes waft through the kitchen of Spice and flavourful preparations arrive piping hot at your table for your dining pleasure!

Ongoing | INR 350+ Taxes | Monday till Saturday

The Gateway Hotel Akota Gardens Vadodara


Thai Food Festival

Kai Asia, the Pan- Asian fine dining speciality restaurant, serves an array of Thai, Chinese and Japanese specialities. Diners can enjoy Teppanyaki preparations rustled up fresh and served straight off the griddle by speciality chefs.

In April, Kai Asia presents the Thai Food Festival. Thai dishes are a wonderful simmering melting pot of tastes. Each unveils a harmonious blend of five fundamental flavours – spicy, sour, bitter, sweet and salty-that is the very essence of Thai food. Prepared with ingredients from Thailand, following traditional cooking techniques, the cuisine brings an authentic flavour of Thailand to Kai Asia!

April 18 – 27 | 1900 – 2300 Hrs | Dinner


Mango Mania

Enjoy dining at GAD! Savour a choice of preparations from a buffet of Indian and international delights, or order from the à la carte menu. A selection of regional, home-style specialities is also offered.

An Indian summer is synonymous with relishing sweet, juicy and aromatic mangoes! Come over to Kai Asia and GAD to this summer to enjoy a choice of delights prepared with the King of Fruits! Cut mangoes, mango pulp, mango juice and more! The Mango Mania will delight your senses!

May 9 – June 13 | 0700 – 2330 Hrs


Under 600 Calories – Italian Entrées

Light, nutritious and delicious is the way to go! And GAD does that in style. In June, the restaurant presents a choice of Italian specialities all of which are under 600 calories per dish. A visual treat, a delight for the taste buds and perfect for the calorie-conscious, these healthy and sumptuous dishes are perfect in every way!

June 18 – 27 | 1230 to 0300 Hrs & 1930 – 2300 Hrs | Lunch and Dinner