Taj Lands End


Barbecue and Grills Promotion

Tropics, the trendy poolside bar that serves a choice of the most refreshing drinks, is hosting the Barbeque and Grills promotion. Savour an assortment of succulent grills prepared to your taste and preferences at live stations, and carefully paired with wines, select international beers and sangrias. A charming venue perfectly complemented by a charming dinner.

April 3 – 9 | Dinner Only | A la carte


Easter Sunday Brunch

With its sweeping sea views, easy informality, extensive multi-cuisine offering and island kitchen, Vista offers the perfect ambience for a quick breakfast, business lunch or an intimate evening meal.

Vista invites guests to celebrate Easter with family and friends. The extensive brunch spread features a choice of Easter favourites with colourful Easter bunnies and Easter eggs adding a dash of colour to the joyous occasion.

April 20 | Sunday | 1300 – 1530 Hrs | Lunch only

Mother's Day

Reserve a place this Mother's Day for the most precious woman in your life as Vista pulls out all stops to make for a most memorable evening. Vista respects the sentiment of Mother’s Day -that honours mothers and motherhood, and the role of mothers in bringing up children and in society- and lays out a fantastic dinner buffet. Please come over to enjoy a beautiful evening of bonding with your mother over an elegant meal. It will leave you with beautiful memories.

May 11 | Sunday | 12.30pm – 02.45pm | Dinner only

Father’s Day

Father's Day, is celebrated to honour fathers and fatherhood, the role of fathers in bringing up children and in society. Thank your father or father figure in your life over a lavish buffet of multi-cuisine delicacies and an indulgent dessert counter! Enjoy a memorable dining experience and an evening of togetherness that will leave you with lasting happy memories.

June | Sunday | 1230 – 1445 Hrs | Dinner only


Brewery Voyage

Atrium Lounge, located by the spacious lobby, is an informal spot to relax in the heart of the hotel. The lounge menu features a variety of cocktails, light beverages and snacks as well as a charming English High Tea and Champagne Afternoon Tea.

In May, Atrium Lounge invites guests to enjoy yet another edition of its immensely successful Brewery Voyage. The lounge presents a selection of labels of fines beers from reputed breweries and unique monasteries from around the world. Savour the distinctive flavours and refreshing aromas from different breweries, and enjoy the difference.

May 2 – 31 | All Day


Sea Food Promotion

Maritime by San Lorenzo, an Italian specialty restaurant group, has made its international debut with the launch of Maritime by San Lorenzo at Taj Lands End. The restaurant serves Italian specialities and San Lorenzo’s signature dishes.

In May, Maritime celebrates the staple food of the city that is seafood! It is a bene-fish-cial idea to drop in during the seafood promotion as the chef creates a home-style preparation from the fresh catch of the day. Savour the flavours of Tuscany and Sardinia served by the Arabian Coast in Mumbai!

May 16 – 25 | Lunch & dinner | A la carte


Dragon Boat Festival

Ming Yang, the lovely split-level Chinese restaurant that offers diners a view of the Arabian Sea and the Portuguese Fort, is popular for its superlative Szechwan specialties and Chinese delicacies.

The restaurant celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival in traditional style. The festival pays homage to Qu Yuan, a famous 4th century B.C. Chinese poet and is traditionally celebrated with dragon boat races and the preparation of zongzi, a rice dumpling stuffed with fruits, meat, nuts or vegetables, wrapped in bamboo or asparagus leaves and steamed.

Inspired by the sentiments of the festival, Ming Yang presents a special menu of traditional delicacies and signature specialties. A sumptuous feast of artistically presented, authentic Sichuan cuisine awaits diners.

May 30 – June 08 | Lunch and dinner | A la carte


Cuisines from the Palaces

Masala Bay -of the famous Taj signature restaurant brand -offers diners a contemporary Indian fine dining experience. The menu presents a choice of traditional Indian favourites from different regions of India and signature dishes prepared with a light touch and contemporary twist

In June, Masala Bay invites diners to a wonderful culinary tour of India’s spectacular palaces were dining was an art. Enjoy a meal fit for kings as you re-live dining experiences from the legendary era of the Maharajas. Experience the varied delicacies from the famed kitchens of the palaces in different parts of India. Discover the true essence of the cuisine of the Nizams from the delectable spread from the Falaknuma Palace. Treat yourself to the famous dishes of Rajasthan that nourished the valiant Rajput warrior-kings as they led their armies across desert and hills. Please come over to savour a very special royal repast.

June 13 – 22 | Lunch and Dinner | A la carte

Taj Wellington Mews

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The Taj Mahal Palace


Summer Coolers

With the temperatures and humidity rising, it is the time to bring on the summer coolers. Enjoy a choice of refreshing cocktails and mock tails that miraculously quench your thirst and leave you refreshed! Prepared with fresh ingredients and in a choice of flavours, the delicious coolers are a perfect treat to beat the heat of a sun-drenched summer day.

April - May | À la carte


Tango Mango

Celebrate the sweet arrival of King of Fruits! Savour an array of artfully created delights from India’s favourite fruit at Masala Kraft, Sea Lounge and Shamiana. Prepared with the choicest mangoes of the best varieties are refreshing mock tails and cocktails, and delectable desserts. Come over to enjoy the pure joy of this sweet, juicy, aromatic and luscious fruit presented in the irresistible treats.

April - May | À la carte


Californian Wine Week

Savour a fantastic flavour of California! In May, restaurants and bars at the Taj are hosting the Californian Wine Week to bring you the pleasure of enjoying wines from the different regions of the celebrated wine country. Discover the nuances in tastes, texture, aroma and body of a choice of Californian wines. Learn how different terroirs influence wine as you swirl, sniff and sip wines. Wines from the cold north to sunny south, from light fruity whites to full-bodied reds, from still to sparkling wines…California has an amazing variety of wines for novices and connoisseurs to enjoy. Come over to set off on the most enjoyable wine trail!

All May | À la carte


Coffee Promotion – Single Origin Coffees from South America

Sea Lounge, the legendary all-day dining restaurant with a view of the Mumbai harbour and historic Gateway of India as well as live piano music, has been a favourite with generations of guests. Relish a rich flavourful satiating cup of coffee from an exotic selection of Single Origin coffees from South America. The mild body and rich flavour beans make a perfect cup of coffee with a taste that lingers on the palette. Nothing could be more serene, soothing and romantic than relaxing over a cup of your preferred coffee with a delectable light eat and a view of the harbour.

April - May | À la carte


The French Revolution

Starboard- the vibrant portside bar, and Harbour Bar- the city’s first licensed bar, are celebrated for their offering of the finest beverages, spirits and light eats. Guests look forward to the new concepts pioneered by the bars regularly. The bartenders are renowned for their skill in bringing together exotic fruits and ingredients with spirits to stir, shake and muddle the most creative drinks.

In June, Starboard and Harbour Bar present The French Revolution, that is in fact a wonderful storm in a cocktail glass! Savour the bouquet of fresh fruits and fine spirits in a choice of innovative cocktails crafted in the classic French Presse/Press style prepared at your table. A truly enjoyable experience and drink. Cheers!

All June | À la carte


Asparagus Festival

Asparagus- a spring vegetable that is packed with nutrients- is a delicious ingredient in any food. Discover the tender and succulent taste of asparagus in a range of delicious dishes as our chefs unleash their creativity! From soups and starters to main course preparations and desserts, the flavour of asparagus and health benefits are yours for the taking.

May - June | À la carte


Mother’s Day at Souk, Shamiana and ZG

Mother’s Day honours mothers and motherhood, and the role of mothers in bringing up children and in society. Enjoy a lovely afternoon of bonding with your mother over an elegant meal at the hotel’s award winning restaurants. Choose from dining at The Zodiac Grill, Souk, or Shamiana and leave her spoilt for choice between the delectable cuisines offered. Celebrate your special bond with a delicious meal and lovely dining experience that will leave you with lasting happy memories.

11 May | À la carte

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Vivanta by Taj - President


Tales of Italian Cocktails

Come over to Trattoria to savour a facet Italy’s glamour as the restaurant presents a selection of Italian cocktails. With its deep sense of fashion and design, Italy is perfectly suited to the art of creating cocktails! And with its commitment to serving authentic Italian cuisine with panache, Trattoria is just the place to enjoy them! Served in uniquely shaped glasses, the fine Italian cocktails are a visual treat and utterly refreshing!

October 10 onwards | À la carte

Mrs Beeton’s Mulled Wine

The fragrance of spices, the taste of spice-infused wine and a lingering warmth makes mulled wine a wonderful winter drink! Trattoria perfects Mrs Beeton’s recipe of mulled wine that has long been enjoyed at Christmas in England. A glass of the delicious warming beverage is sure to keep you cosy this winter!

December 15 onwards | À la carte


Diwali Hampers

Celebrate the Festival of Lights! Gift your family, friends and colleagues a lovely Diwali hamper! Sugar & Spice has a selection of gift hampers filled with a choice of treats. The hampers can also be customized. A perfect Diwali gift that is sure to spread the feeling of joy and sharing.

Christmas & New-Year Hampers

Celebrate the festive season with specially crafted Christmas and New Year gift hampers that make it easier than ever to give your family and friends a perfect festive gift! Filled with delicious treats, gifts and surprises, the one-of-a-kind hampers are a most thoughtful gift!

December 10 Onwards

The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik


Kebabs & Biryanis

GAD, the charming all-day dining restaurant, serves delicious Indian and Continental cuisine. Guests can enjoy a light meal and refreshing beverages at any time of the day in this bright cafe overlooking the lush gardens.

In April, GAD presents the Kebabs & Biryanis festival. The à la carte menu features a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs and biryanis. The soft and succulent kebabs and aromatic biryanis, prepared with different types of rice, different ingredients and served with different accompaniments are a delight for food lovers! Among the biryanis are Hyderabadi biryani, Katchi biryani, Awadhi dum biryani and Kerala biryani.

April 14 – 22 | 1130 - 1530 Hrs & 1930 - 2330 Hrs | À la carte

Punjabi Festival - Punjab Sey

In May, GAD takes diners on a culinary trip across the Punjab! Popularly known as The Land of Five Rivers, the Punjab is known for its golden wheat fields and milk production. Punjabi food-typically prepared with farm fresh produce- is redolent with earthy flavours. The chefs have selected interesting appetizers and main course dishes that bring out different flavours and textures of Punjabi cuisine.

The menu features a choice of traditional delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian including tandoori treats. Please come over to enjoy a delightful dining experience.

May 19 – 27 | 1130 - 1530 Hrs & 1930 - 2330 Hrs | À la carte

Kerala Food Promotion

Kerala, often called God’s Own Country, is an enchantingly beautiful state located on the south-western coast of India. Balmy beaches, beautiful backwaters, coconut groves, vast vistas of the sea, lush plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and wooded mountains create, create a soothing kaleidoscope of blues and greens.

Set off on a culinary trip to this picturesque land as the chefs present authentic delicacies traditionally prepared by different communities of Kerala. Diners can also enjoy a sadya meal that is a feast traditionally served during festivals and ceremonies on a banana leaf. From banana chips to main course preparations, there is a choice of several traditional preparations served in a specific order and at a specific place on the leaf. The meal is wrapped up with delicious sweet payasam. A truly gastronomic experience!

June 16 – 24 | 1130 - 1530 Hrs & 1930 - 2330 Hrs | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +91 253 6692300 / +91 253 6692328 / +918411963356 (Property’s direct line number for F&B enquires and reservations)

Vivanta by Taj - Blue Diamond


Tiffin Lunch

Infused with a touch of Maharashtrian culture and overlooking the pool, Mystic Masala is a lovely spot to relax over a delicious Indian meal or savour local Maharashtrian specialities.

In April, Mystic Masala presents a selection of specialities in a charming multi-container tiffin. A choice of three tiffin options- vegetarian, non-vegetarian comprising lamb or chicken, and seafood comprising prawns or fish will be offered. Delicious regional and signature home-style dishes like Bharleli wangi, Pitla, Methi wadi, Batata rassa, Kombdi cha rassa, Chicken Kolhapur, Tambda rassa, Sukha mutton, Puneri prawn curry and Malawani fish curry will be part of the tiffin menu. A delightful dining experience!

April 15 – May 15 | All Days | 1200 - 1445 Hrs

Vegetarian Tiffin | INR 650 + Taxes

Non Vegetarian Tiffin | INR 750 + Taxes

Sea Food Tiffin | INR 850+ Taxes


Ban Ming on weekends

Whispering Bamboo, the charming restaurant serving superlative Chinese cuisine, is famous for its classic and signature dishes. During the weekends, the restaurant invites diners to enjoy Ban Ming- a delightful yum cha experience of a light yet satiating meal.

Ban Ming, the new meal experience, presents unlimited starters that are utterly light and delicious; a flavourful soup; Chinese tea; delightfully light dim sums; a delectable main course, and a refreshing ice cream

A choice of five vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters accompanied by a choice of zingy sauces makes for a delightful treat. Crispy Chengdu lotus stem, Golden sweet corn five spices, Steamed canton prawn sui mai and Dry tender lamb with black pepper are among the specialities served. The meal is also served with a choice of unlimited beer or sparkling wine.

April 1 – June 30 | Saturday and Sunday | 1200 - 1445 Hrs

Vegetarian Paired With Beer – INR 1100 + Taxes

Non-Vegetarian Paired With Beer - INR 1300 + Taxes

Vegetarian Paired With Sparkling Wine - INR 1200 + Taxes

Non-Vegetarian Paired With Sparkling Wine – INR 1500 + Taxes